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GENERAL ORDERS # 351 - 18 August 1953
  Chaplain (First Lieutenant) BENJAMIN F. MORTENSEN, 0999809, Chaplains Corps, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, United States Army. On the afternoon of 27 July 1953, the 1st Battalion Headquarters
area in the vicinity of Pong-Dong, Korea, was subjected to a devastating con-
centration of artillery fire by enemy forces. Chaplain MORTENSEN, who was posi-
tioned in the command post at the inception of the action, made his way directly to
the aid station in anticipation of casualties. As he moved through the intensely
shelled area, he came upon an officer lying critically wounded on the open ground.
As enemy fire increased in intensity, Chaplain MORTENSEN unhesitatingly hurled him-
self upon the wounded man, shielding him from further harm. When the fire dimin-
ished, Chaplain MORTENSEN aided in the further removal of the wounded officer to the
aid station and remained there giving comfort and assistance to the wounded. As the
shelling continued, Chaplain MORTENSEN again exposed himself to the enemy fire as he
moved about to render aid and comfort to other men who fell casualties to the relentless
fire. Chaplain MORTENSEN'S outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty reflect
great credit upon himself and the military service. Entered the Federal Service
from Utah.

Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -

National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.

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