Puerto Rico's 

 GENERAL ORDERS # 213 - 22 June 1951

FIRST LIEUTENANT ROMEO H. BUCKNELL, JR., 01330151, Infantry, Company
"A", 65th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division, United States Army. Upon arrival
in a defensive position near Ckuyuo, Korea, on 25 April 1951, Company "A"
was ordered to seize the high ground to the immediate east, the occupation
of which area by the enemy would have placed the defensive position of other
friendly units in grave danger. After reaching its objective the company
became engaged in a fierce battle with a large enemy force. Early in the
fight, Lieutenant BUCKNELL, learning that a platoon leader had been wounded,
voluntarily crawled forward under heavy enemy fire and assisted the wounded
officer to safety. Later, he received word that a group of men were wounded
and again risking his personal safety, he proceeded toward their position
and directed the evacuation of the injured. Despite the bitter fire of
several enemy machine guns, Lieutenant BUCKNELL successfully led the litter
bearers to the wounded and physically assisted in their evacuation from the
scene of battle. These hazardous duties safely accomplished, he returned to
his platoon to encourage his men and helped distribute vitally needed
ammunition among them. Lieutenant BUCKNELL'S selfless acts of gallantry
reflect the highest credit upon himself and the military service. Entered
the military service from the State of New York.
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