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GENERAL ORDERS # 279 - 26 July 1953

Second Lieutenant JAMES A. GRAHAM, Jr., 066945, Infantry, Company "F", 65th
Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, United States Army. On the afternoon of
10 June 1953, Company "F" commenced to attack enemy held Hill "412" in the vicinity
of Sagimak, Korea. The first unit to leave the line of departure was a volunteer
eleven man assault element led by Lieutenant GRAHAM. The mission was to attack and
destroy known fortifications in two enemy caves on the forward slope. After reach-
ing a point a short distance from the first cave, he ordered the rest of the patrol
to cover him as he went on alone. He then pulled the pins of two grenades and with
complete disregard for his personal safety, he started to rush the enemy position.
Reaching the opening to the cave, he hurled his grenades at the entrenched enemy.
His aggressive action resulted in mortally wounding three soldiers, thereby neutral-
izing the position. As he left the entrance, he came under a hail of automatic
weapons fire from the second cave and suffered a wound in the leg. Despite his
wounds, he reorganized his men and led them in the assault on another fortified pos-
tion. The team succeeded in destroying this objective, as well. Only then did he
permit himself to be evacuated to safety. Lieutenant GRAHAM'S outstanding gallantry
and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself and the military service.
Entered the Federal Service from North Dakota.

Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.

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