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GENERAL ORDERS # 352 - 2 December 1952

    Second Lieutenant WALTER B. CLARK, 065639, Infantry, Company "C", 65th Infantry
Regiment, 3d Division, United States Army. In the early morning hours of 19 July 1952 the company of which Lieutenant CLARK was a platoon leader was advancing against the enemy in the vicinity of Yu-hyon, Korea, when the foe directed an intense barrage of small arms and mortar fire against the friendly troops. Realizing that his men were becoming disorganized, Lieutenant CLARK, shouting words of encouragement, reorganized them and fearlessly led them in the attack on the enemy positions. As he was nearing the enemy trenches, he was wounded by an enemy grenade but continued to lead his men, killing or wounding several of the foe. When his carbine refused to function, he threw away the weapon, drew his pistol and continued in the attack. Upon reaching the enemy trenches, and while hurling grenades into their positions, he again was wounded by enemy small arms fire. At last enemy fire of ever increasing intensity forced the friendly unit to move back. When the order to withdraw was given, he refused medical aid and with complete disregard for his personal safety, he moved through the heavy hostile fire assisting in the evacuation of the wounded. Only after all his men had withdrawn and all the wounded had been evacuated did he except treatment for his own wounds. The gallantry and selfless actions exhibited by Lieutenant CLARK throughout
this action reflect the highest credit upon himself and the military service. Entered the Federal service from Georgia.

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