Puerto Rico's 

 GENERAL ORDERS # 19 - 26 January 1951

CORPORAL GILBERTO CALDERON, ER30411615, Company "D", 65thInfantry, 3d Infantry Division, United States Army. On 22 December 1950,near Tong-ni, Korea, Corporal Calderon distinguished himself in action against the enemy. When an enemy column, which was approximately one-hundred and fifty in number, was moving toward his position, Corporal Calderon, assistant machine gunner, and the gunner waited until the column was about one-hundred yards from their machine gun and then commenced firing. Almost immediately a concentration of fire from mortars, automatic weapons, and small arms was brought by the enemy upon Corporal Calderon's position but he continued to carry out his duties in an outstanding manner. During this action, he left the machine gun and went for ammunition through intense enemy fire. Upon re-turning he calmly assisted the gunner in repairing the machine gun which had jammed. As enemy mortar fire began landing as close as fifteen yards from his position, Corporal Calderon assisted in moving the machine gun to another position where he carried on his mission forcing the enemy to deploy and with-draw leaving behind eighty-one dead and four wounded. Corporal Calderon's resource- fulness and heroism on this occasion reflect great credit upon himself and the military service. Entered the military service from Puerto Rico.

Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.

Colonal William W. Harris, CO, 65th Infantry RGT, 3rd Infantry Division, (left), presents the Silver

Star to Cpl. Gilberto Calderon of  Puerto Rico, 1st Battalion, 65th Infantry Regiment, for outstanding

action against the Communist forces at Tong-ni, Korea, on 22 Dec 1950, during ceremonies in

Korea. 12 Feb 1951.

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