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GENERAL ORDERS # 379 - 4 September 1953
  Lieutenant Colonel JOSEPH M. FLESCH, 031800, Infantry, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, United States Army. During the afternoon of 14 July 1953, in the vicinity of Kundong-Myon, Korea, liaison between Colonel FLESCH'S unit and an adjacent friendly unit had not been re-established following intense enemy action. Serving as Regimental Executive Officer, he was aware of the dangerous consequences which could result, and elected to personally make the contact. Accompanied by a lieutenant, he left friendly lines, and proceeded into disputed terrain in search of the friendly force, in one instance coming within one hundred yards of an enemy position. They proceeded approximately fifteen hundred yards through the area under constant enemy observation and harassing mortar and automatic weapons fire, before reaching elements of a Republic of Korea division. After quickly and decisively working out tactical problems necessary in consolidating the line with the commander of the organization, the returned to their unit, accompanied by a Republic of Korea liaison officer, again crossing the hazardous terrain. Colonel FLESCH immediately made his report on the intelligence he had obtained from his mission and made recommendations for readjustments which resulted in an effective tactical deployment of the regiment. Colonel FLESCH'S outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself and the military service. Entered the Federal Service from Missouri.

Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.