Puerto Rico's 

 GENERAL ORDERS # 363- August 28, 1953

Private First Class (then Private) FRANK J. CHALOUPKE, US52177582, Army Medical
Service, Medical Company, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, United
States Army. On the afternoon of 10 June 1953, Private CHALOUPKE accompanied Company
"F" in its attack on the enemy held Hill "412" in the vicinity of Sagimak,
Korea. When Private CHALOUPKE found that two wounded men from his platoon lay
near the mouth of an enemy cave, unhesitatingly and without regard for his personal
safety, he attempted to go to their aid. As he approached the enemy cave, he was
subjected to intense sniper fire. Refusing to take cover, Private CHALOUPKE and
another comrade who was nearby, went to the position of the wounded men and proceeded
to drag them down the hill to safety while constantly vulnerable to intense enemy
sniper and mortar fire. On their journey down the slope of the hill, Private
CHALPUPKE came across another wounded man whose wounds demanded immediate attention.
While his comrade went in search of litter bearers, he elected to remain with the
newly found casualty and administered medical aid to him in the midst of intense
enemy shell fire. He then carried the wounded man down the hill to safety after
the other two wounded men had been successfully evacuated. Private CHALOUPKE'S
outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself and
the military service. Entered the Federal Service from Ohio.

Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.