Puerto Rico's 

 GENERAL ORDERS # 536 - 24 November 1951

SERGEANT PABLO SIERRA, US51062889, Infantry, Company "I", 65th Infantry,
3d Infantry Division, United States Army. On 30 September 1951, Company "I",
engaged in an attack on a well-fortified hill near Chorwon, Korea, was sub-
jected to intense fire from the entrenched enemy. Realizing that the hill
could only be taken with bayonet and grenade as friendly mortar and artillery
fire had failed to dislodge the hostile troops, Sergeant SIERRA led his squad
in an assault on the first pillbox. Although several of his men were felled
by the hail of fire, he continued to fearlessly advance and destroy the occu-
pants of the emplacement with hand grenades. Inspired by his example, the
attack gained momentum and the hostile defese was broken. Fearlessly exposing
himself, Sergeant SIERRA mounted a machine gun on the crest of the hill and de-
livered a lethal fire into the retreating foe; however, while so engaged, he
was mortally wounded by enemy small arms fire. The singular gallantry and
courage displayed by Sergeant SIERRA reflect great credit upon himself and are
in keeping with the high traditions of the military service. Entered the military
service from the State of New York.


Source: Record Group 338: General Orders 3rd Infantry Division, Boxes 129 to 131 -

National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.

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